28 February 2013

Final Countdown Begins 14 days to go.

Things are all coming together!!

Received documents in the mail
today.  Yah!!

Guest suite # and deckplans in hand with all the instructions and details about where to be and when. I'm lost already!
Boarding passes, luggage tags and some loose change. Hope in doesn't get spent in the next 14days. By this time in 14 days we will be in Fort Lauderdale. We will spend a few days there prior to boarding the ship. Looking forward to being warm and dry!  First stop Bahamas!!

22 February 2013

Air transportation to Ft. Lauderdale and return from San Diego supplied by:

Sorting through the "What to Wear"

With the flights and hotel booked and just the time to wait it out, it is time to start sorting through what to take along. How to pack for a cruise. I started with the footwear:

From flips to dress shoes. Both will have to go. Extra suitcase anyone?

So how many short sleeve shirts and how many long sleeve shirts. Maybe a t-shirt or two. A tie? Yup, for formal nights in the dining room. Some are ready to go, others will have to yet see the washing machine and iron.

From swim wear to dress pants and a few items in between. Guess a visit to the outlets in Ft. Lauderdale will be necessary to complete the varied wardrobe.
And so the questions remain. Some might not be answered until after the cruise. Meanwhile the excitement builds.